Enter the input data for your project into the yellow cells below. When finished, click on the “Total Cost of Ownership Summary” tab to view the cost savings and ROI realized with the Vaporgard LED luminaire

# Design Parameter Input Data
1 Current Lamp Source Power Usage ( Watts)
2 Replacement Lamp Source Power Usage ( Watts)
3 What is the current quantity of luminaires? (#)
4 What is the replacement quantity of luminaires LED? (#)
5 Enter a cost of the existing luminaire ($ each)
6 Cost of replacement lamps in ($)
7 Cost of disposal per lamp ($)
8 Time per fixture for lamp maintenance (Hours)
9 How many people are required for lamp maintenance ? (#)
10 Enter the labor rate ($ per Hour)
11 What is the energy cost on site ? ( $ / kWhr )
12 Enter lighting hours of operation per day (12, 24 etc) (#)
13 Enter lighting Days of operation per week (5, 7 etc) (#)
14 Enter lighting weeks of operation per year (48, 52 etc) (#)
15 LED Total Luminaire Cost
16 Lift Rental, Scaffolding Costs, Contractor Costs, Ect
17 Estimated Tax Rebate Per Fixture (If Available)


Be sure replacement time includes time for approvals, down time, paperwork, lock out tag out, man lift, etc.

Use the fully loaded labor rate

Many Harsh and Hazardous locations require 2 person teams


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Energy & Maintenance Saving

Energy Saving
Old System
LED System
Number of Fixture:    
Annual energy consumption (kWhr)    
Annual energy cost ($)    
Energy Cost over life of LED System    
Annual Energy Saving  
Energy Savings over Life of the LED System ($)


Maintenance Savings
Old System
LED System
Years of Maintenance Free Operation    
Annual Cost of Replacement Lamps ($)   $0
Annual Lift Rental, Scaffolding, Contractor Costs, ect. ($)   $0
Annual Maintenance Costs for Lamp Replacement ($)   $0
Annual Lamp & Maintenance Savings ($)  
Lamp & Maintenance Savings over Life of the LED System ($)


Total Cost of Ownership Comparison


Old System

LED System

Initial Investment    
Tax Rebate    
Net Investment    
Total Energy Costs    
Total Labor Costs   0
Total Cost of Ownership    


Total $ Saving

Energy Savings:  
Labor & Material Savings:  
Total Savings:

Total $ Saving

Initial Investment:  
Estimated Tax Rebate: $0
Total $ Return:

Total $ Saving

Payback Period on the Entire LED Installation (Years) 1.5

Equivilant Environmental Impact*

CO2 Emissions (lbs):  
Coal Emissions (lbs):  

Fewer Cars on the Road:


Acres of Trees Planted:


# Housholds Annual Electricity Usage:


* Based on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions factor assumptions.